Laura tailors packages to fit your tastes and wishes.

Wedding package prices start at £850 and are designed to be flexible. You will always be given a DVD of all of the high resolution images included in the price which means you will be able to reprint as many copies of the pictures as you choose from your DVD – so there will be no extra charge from Laura for reprints for you, your family or your friends! However if anyone does wish to order prints from me that is no problem. Your photographs will be uploaded to a password secured area and anyone you choose to give the password to can order them from there.


There is a fine range of beautifully designed wedding albums in the style that you choose including modern digital hard-backed albums and more traditional heavy Italian handmade photo-mounted books.

The following albums are available. Prices differ according to the size you want and how many pages you choose.

Digital Album

Stunning modern digital album with a hardback cover with premium paper pages. You can fit loads of photos in these albums.

Napoli Album

Beautiful thick ivory book with three photographs down the front. Photos are hand-mounted into white surrounds inside. 33 cm x 33.6 cm.

Sorento Album

Gorgeous soft black Italian leather handmade album. Photos are hand-mounted into black surrounds inside. 33 cm x 33.6 cm.

DVD Case Album

Lovely black handmade leather DVD case and booklet with hand-mounted images from your wedding. The perfect home for your DVD. Fantastic for family who’d like their own keepsake from the day.


For further information on availability and prices contact Laura to discuss the size and number of pages you’d like and get a full price list: 07886 245477 or