It is a brilliant thing in life that everyone is unique. Every couple is wonderfully different and every wedding and civil partnership stands alone.

As a wedding photographer this keeps life interesting for me. It also means I will photograph you in a way which works for you and reflects who you are.

For me, the fantastic thing about photography is bringing out people’s personalities, beauty and quirks. I don’t see the point in photography by numbers just taking the same old tired shots. I want to photograph the real you – your real friends and family and all of your lovely relationships.

It is your wedding day and you should be able to have fun, be relaxed and not worry about the pictures. Photographs of people standing rigid with a slightly pained painted-on grin do not look good and are no fun for anyone! I prefer to look after your needs, work in a relaxed way and have a laugh with the couple.

I’m really happy to get lots of feedback from couples and their guests who say I’m very friendly and calm when taking pictures. I listen to your needs and will blend into the background and take charge when necessary in a way which suits you.

I certainly have my own style but your photographs will be about you.

So to let you know a bit more about my background:

I’m originally from Liverpool and have lived and worked as a photographer in Barcelona, Derbyshire and Sheffield over the past ten years.

I have qualifications in Professional Photography and have passed all of the gruelling National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)’s examinations in photojournalism. I have worked for ten years as a wedding photographer and for eight as a photojournalist (visit www.laurapage.co.uk) and recently won The Trevor Roberts Award for the best up-and-coming photographer.

I merge a reportage style of wedding photography with some of the more traditional and creative shots, always ready to capture special moments and document the day as it unfolds. I love photography and love people so this is the perfect job for me.

I am based in Sheffield but work all over the world and am happy to discuss travel to anywhere.

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